NSX Manager showing by IP and not Name?

We recently deployed a new site in our existing SSO domain. Part of the deployment was to build out an additional instance of NSX. After successful deployment of the NSX Manager, and registration to my vCenter, I logged out of the web client and back in to check on the status of the plugin. I immediatly noticed that the Manager was showing by IP address and not hostname. This was strange to me, considering that our other deployment of NSX displays by hostname.

I checked all the usual troubleshooting avenues where naming is setup, and everything looked in order. I didn’t want to build out the environment if there was an issue with NSX, so I contacted VMware support. The engineer I spoke to also thought this was strange, and took a few days to get back to me. What he found out was NSX Managers can return a different value depending on its IP configuration. See the following:

The method returns an IPv4 address if only IPv4 address is configured
The method returns an IPv5 address if only IPv6 address is configured
The method returns FQDN if both IPv4 and IPv4 addresses are configured

And there you have it. We are utilizing IPv6 (in addtion to IPv4) at our other site, and thus we have FQDN.

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