No NSX Managers Available after Migration to External PSC

In order to accommodate for a new DR site, I decided to create an additional vCenter instance to join to the same SSO domain as my current DR vCenter. The problem I had was my initial DR vCenter had an embedded PSC. In order to resolve this, I created a new PSC and re-pointed my existing vCenter instance to the new PSC. There were no issues with the conversion, and I verified I was able to login with both the C# client and Web Client. Thinking everything was okay, I proceeded to work on creating the new vCenter instance. Before I could get started, one of my Networking guys pings me and says he’s unable to log into NSX. He sends me a screen shot showing “No NSX Manager available. Verify current user has role assigned on NSX Manager”. I didn’t make any changes to roles and permissions, so why is he getting this error? After some troubleshooting, it dawns on me that since we migrated from an embedded PSC to an external one, the Lookup Service URL is now different! I log into the NSX Manager web interface and update the Lookup Service URL to include the new PSC. Verified connectivity, and NSX is back to working its magic.

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