Unable to Scroll NSX Firewall Rules

One of our network engineers pinged me the other day with a unique problem. He was trying to modify some firewall rules on one of our ESG’s, and was unable to scroll to the top of the rule-set. I honestly thought this was a client side issue, and was ready to have him reboot three times. I tested this myself, and was surprised to see I was met with the same problem. If I dragged my cursor to the top it would make it about half way or so up, and then come crashing down to the bottom of the rules. No matter what I did there was no way to not only scroll to the top, but stay at the top. Even if I somehow managed to get to the top, the scrollbar would inevitably start falling back down. I did not see this on a majority of the other ESG’s; it was only apparent on ESG’s that had a lot of rules (25+). I happened to have a support call with VMware for an unrelated issue already open, so I figured I’d see if he had a fix. I was glad to see that he did! From the Firewall tab, click the Grid icon, and deselect the “Service” column. Scrolling now works as it should. Note: The engineer advised me that you can disable/enable any of them to suit your needs. However, disabling the “No.” column will break the ESG, and he advised against it.


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